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The Libertarian Party has come to Fulton County

I would like to begin by announcing that the Libertarian Party has come to Fulton County.


Many people have little to no idea of what the Libertarian Party stands for. Two of the best ways I’ve heard the party described are “socially tolerant and fiscally responsible” and “minimizing government and maximizing individual liberty.”


For example, many liberals claim to be pro-choice, yet throw that principal out the window when it comes to the ability to defend one’s self or family.


On the other end, conservatives preach about smaller government, yet those in power do nothing to curb it, as seen in Trump’s proposed budget.


We also believe that criminalized activities should be limited to those things that harm other people. We do not believe that something should be illegal simply because we may disagree with it.


I personally do not gamble or do any illegal drugs; yet I have no problem with the recently opened casino and I think that it’s only a matter of time before marijuana is legalized in New York. We place principles first over our personal beliefs.


Two areas that have caused local ire in recent memory are the Amsterdam pedestrian bridge and the horrendous “NY Safe Act.” The $17.5 million bridge is a prime example of bloated government and of representatives using tax dollars with no regard to the public’s concerns over the usefulness or validity of a project.


In doing so, Rep. Paul Tonko made it clear that he cared more about improving his own public image than the lives of the people of Amsterdam. The walkway is a pointless addition to the neighboring bridge which already offers its own sidewalk for pedestrians.


The NY Safe Act would not have passed if the Republican party had stood up for what was right, not just for upstate, but for law-abiding citizens everywhere in New York.


A startling 18 Republicans voted for the Safe Act. This was a fundamental betrayal of their constituents that infringed on our rights to protect ourselves and our families, while not making us any safer in the process.


These are just two examples of how the Libertarian Party will stand up for the rights of the individual and the taxpayer.


Two examples of ideas for the future include reducing property taxes through cutting local government spending while also forcing the state to stop burdening the counties with funding Medicaid, and attracting new businesses through initial PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) agreements and any other means at our disposal.


We are starting by forming a county group and have set up a Facebook page and group at http://facebook.com/FultonLibertarians


I implore anyone who finds the idea of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and personal freedom appealing, to visit and see if we are good fit for you.



Fulton County Chairman

Libertarian Party

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